Design Workshops & Consulting


Leading Design Thinking & Human Centered Design workshops at non-profit organizations as well as at insurtech startup, Lemonade. I also provided design thinking consulting for Lemonade.

Project Type

Voluntary, outside of work




Ongoing since 2016


Human Centered Design

During my year-long fellowship with JDC, I offered several workshops to the staff from a variety of departments.

The participants are each directly working on innovative initiatives to help employ populations in Israel including Arab-Israelis, youth at risk, people with disabilities, Ultra-Orthodox, and others.

Design Thinking

Lemonade had two internal hackathons and at each, employees voted on the top two employee-led workshop sessions. My design thinking workshop was chosen both times.

Here's an example of the 30 min presentation that I gave during the hackathon in 2018:



I provided Design Thinking strategies and tools and crafted frameworks for many creative meetings. Examples of my work with Lemonade's Social Strategy Lead, Silvi, can be found in this blog post.

As a curious person, I enjoy connecting with all kinds of people. Feel free to reach out