Besides Work

Here’s a few things I’m involved with outside of my day job:

Women of Startup Nation

I help run Women of Startup Nation, a publication which tells the stories of incredible Israeli women in tech. We currently have almost 18,000 followers on Facebook and have interviewed more than 100 women.

We also created a public resource of almost 200 names and contact information for technical female speakers in Israel. Check it out

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What the Tech

I created this Instagram account to try to bridge the gap between software engineers and the rest of the world. I breakdown common tech buzzwords using analogies, try to make code more approachable, debunk common myths about programming, and discuss what it’s like to be a software engineer.

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Olim in Tech

I’m one of the board members of an organization called Olim in Tech. Founded in 2017, Olim in Tech is a volunteer led community geared towards empowering and connecting olim who work or want to be working in hi-tech. Compared to native born Israelis, who grow up in Israel and spend time in the military, olim often find themselves at a major disadvantage when it comes to finding a job, networking, and generally advancing their career. Olim in Tech aims to bridge the gap by fostering a supportive community of open minded olim through our online presence and by hosting frequent events. Past events include happy hours and speaker events with speakers ranging from members of the community to top VCs and CEOs, who also immigrated to Israel.

We currently have almost 3,000 members in our Facebook group.

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